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Back to School Essentials!

Back to School Seasons Essentials

Moving into a new dorm? Going back to school? Know someone that is? The way we see it, getting focused has never smelled so good! Our back to school essentials are here to take you on a journey - even if you're just sitting at your desk.

Nebulizing Diffuser

While most diffusers on the market are made to run with water, there are several other types of diffusers that work without water and can be used anywhere. They are typically battery-operated and disperse essential oils into the air through a nebulizer.

The benefits of using our Aero SM diffuser?

1. It is easy to carry around and use anywhere.

2. The oils don't have to be diluted with water so that you won't waste any oil.

3. It is more comfortable than carrying around a bottle of oil or an atomizer.

Essential Oils

It's no secret that essential oils have many aromatherapy benefits. For our back-to-schoolers, we're specifically highlighting the ingredients that can help with concentration.

Even after a good night’s sleep, you could be one of the millions who experience a bit of drag come mid-day. A secret tip for how to truly get the most out of your diffusers is by adding some essential oils that give you a boost to both the body and mind. Seasons Summer Essential Oil is the right concoction for the job.

Our Summer Oil contains rosemary for mental clarity, along with a blend of lime and cypress that works together to relieve aches and pains.

Seasons Summer Essential Oil combines palmarosa, patchouli and a boost of rosemary, lime and cypress to create the perfect pick me up.

Palmarosa is proven to stimulate your cells, while patchouli soothes anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Rosemary relieves fatigue and encourages clarity and insight – perfect for the midday creativity block. Lime and cypress work in combination to relieve aches and pains.

Portable Roll-On Eau de Parfum

It happens to all of us: you leave the house and realize you've forgotten to spray on perfume. So why not keep a roll-on eau de parfum in your backpack?

Our aroma combinations have been handcrafted by leading French perfumers and are made of pure ingredients. Here are some of the benefits of using them:

1. Eau de parfum, unlike perfume, has a higher fragrance concentration. Roll-on eau de parfum contains less alcohol than perfume, making it much more tolerable to people with sensitive skin.

2. Roll-on eau de parfum is also much more travel-friendly, able to be safely transported without leaks or spills.

3. When you need a quick touch-up when out and about, re-applying roll-on eau de parfum doesn’t have that overpowering initial scent that turns off people around you.

If you want a luxurious perfume that’s convenient and won’t break the bank, try one of our luscious roll-on eau de parfum scents at Seasons.


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