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Ultrasonic Or Nebulizing: What's the Difference?

We're glad you asked.

Do you find your skin, throat or nose ever feeling dry? Are you a minimalist with a busy schedule? How do you feel about potency, do you like sweet suggestions or bold statements? The answers to these questions, and more, might help you choose which diffuser is right for you.

difference between soni sm and aero sm


If you like classic, soft and elegant, the Soni SM might be right for you. It uses the traditional diffuser technology of ultrasonic waves to mist lovely scents into the air. Because the Soni SM uses ultrasonic technology, it requires water in the tank. This means it functions very similarly to a humidifier. So if you have dry skin or a dry nose for example, this might be a good option to keep near you while you work or sleep, as it will add moisture to the air around it. 

If you like your scents with a little more presence and potency, the Aero SM is made for you. It uses nebulizing technology - basically that means a high pressure air stream filters right through the essential oil to push it out and disperse it into the air around. The Aero SM is a bolder choice, it’s very modern and packs a punch. The best thing about the Aero SM is that the nebulizing technology means it’s WATERLESS! No filling up the tank. Ever. You just place your Seasons essential oil bottle right into the Aero SM and choose your time setting. The nebulizing does the rest. Being waterless, this makes the diffused scent more potent. It makes the usage experience hassle-free. It makes the portability of this statement diffuser that much easier. 

Ultimately, the nebulizing technology makes for an elevated diffusing experience, whether you’re at home, in your car or walking through the city. 

As for aesthetics, both the Aero SM and the Soni SM are artistically tasteful pieces. 


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