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Crafting the Perfect Autumn Aroma

No work required on your end because Seasons has curated Autumn Essential Oil Blend. Autumn isn’t just for pumpkin spice enthusiasts or Gilmore Girls binge-watchers; it’s a season that invites everyone to tap into the vibes of  cozy days spent inside with a hot bevvy and a good book. 

  • Top notes: Kick off with the spicy allure of Black Pepper, invigorating Organic Rosemary, and the zesty warmth of Ginger. Just like the opening scene of a Gilmore Girls episode, these scents grab your attention and set the tone.

  • Heart notes: Dive deeper with the aromatic Clove Bud, reminiscent of fall baked goods. Combine it with the licorice-like undertones of Sweet Fennel and the herbaceous touch of Clary Sage. This trio embodies the core of the blend, much like the heart-to-heart conversations at Luke's Diner.

  • Base notes: Round it off with the uplifting Sweet Orange and the nostalgic aroma of Cinnamon Leaf. These grounding scents linger and provide a comforting backdrop, reminiscent of the cozy, wrap-it-all-up moments in the Gilmores' living room.

This blend isn’t just a scent; it's a multisensory experience that tells a story, a journey from the vibrant streets of Stars Hollow to the cozy corners of your own space.


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