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GIFT GUIDE: For Your Co-Worker

Elevate Your Desk Mate's Workspace: Hexa SM and Essentials Set

Happy holiday season! Here's a curated gift guide that we believe would be perfect for your favorite desk mate. Brighten up their workspace with a touch of sophistication.

First on the list is the Hexa SM, a plug-in diffuser designed with a unique hexagonal shape. It not only adds a chic and modern aesthetic to their (WFH)space but also brings tranquility to their workspace.

With the Hexa SM, they can effortlessly infuse their surroundings with the soothing scents of our Essentials Set — a set of five single-origin essential oils including Eucalyptus, French Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and Sweet Orange.

From the invigorating freshness of Eucalyptus to the zesty warmth of Sweet Orange, these oils cater to every mood and moment. Gift thoughtful gestures that enhance their daily routine!


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