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In an Autumn World

Why does Autumn and Rory Gilmore seem to go hand in hand? 

If you've ever wished you could experience the charming, cozy world of Stars Hollow during fall – you're not alone.

Think about wandering through Luke's Diner and being hit with the aroma of fresh apple tarts – that’s the essence of autumn!

Just like Rory immersing herself in books, immerse your space with the aroma of Autumn. It features notes of clove bud, sweet fennel and clary sage and warm base notes of cinnamon leaf and sweet orange. Transform your room into a little nook with a Soni Sm in Praline and Autumn Blend evoking those nostalgic Gilmore Girls moments.

And hey, a "Cinnamon Girl" playlist softly playing in the background wouldn't hurt. 


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