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Manifestation 101: Why Essential Oils are Key

For those unfamiliar with the concept of manifestation, it can be easily described as: bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief. While there are several different strategies of manifestation and the law of attraction, we’re sticking to what we know best at Seasonswhich is essential oils.

It is said that there are three key reasons why essential oils aid in manifestation. First and foremost, fragrance is the language of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is an internal “data-bank” of sorts for everything that is not currently in our conscious mind. By targeting this section of the brain through the use of various scents, we hold the potential to ignite the subconscious mind to pursue our goals and desires. 

Secondly, essential oils help us to maintain high vibrations (AKA, they can uplift our mood). Manifestation works best when good vibes (literally) are being put out into the universe. When we surround ourselves with things that also have high vibrations, such as essential oils, we will feel more positive and more optimistic, making it more likely that these manifestations will work. Think of essential oils as being the happy-go-lucky friend with the best vibes, that uplifts everyone’s mood. 

Finally, essential oils are essential (no pun intended) while manifesting because they increase your confidence and energy. Manifestations are more likely to come to fruition when they are approached with a confident and positive outlook. Think about how you feel when applying your favourite perfume or cologne – you feel strong, powerful and ready to conquer the world. Using essential oils during manifestation has a similar effect.

Seasons essential oils can guide you through your next manifestation session. Place a bottle of Seasons Summer Essential Oil in your Aero SM, channel thoughts of sunshine ahead, and let your manifestations take you away. 


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