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Aromatherapy and Wellness: Health Benefits Through Scent

Nothing is more in fashion than smelling good and feeling great. 

Alright alright, we’ve all heard the fruity New Age hippie spiels about lavender essential oils and natural healing and zen lifestyles. That’s not what we’re about here at Seasons. We have busy, fun lifestyles and yeah, we rally… Things to do! People to see! But that doesn’t mean we’d turn down an opportunity to boost our health if we’re going to look fantastic while doing it!

Our diffusers are made young. Trendy. Bold. We’re not about the zen life, we're about the gen z life. But we still care about our health and our scents can add health benefits to your system while adding expression to your space. Sans gimmicks and flower power. 

Let’s start with what an essential oil is. Essential oils are extracted from plants either by steaming them or pressing them, so essential oils are in fact all natural. Plus, ours are manufactured in Europe by some of the best noses in the world, so we got you covered ;)

Let's go over our premium essential oils

Summer is soothing and rejuvenating. An exquisite blend of palmarosa, patchouli, rosemary, lime and cypress. Palmarosa is your calming, supportive best friend. Clean and floral smelling, it helps calm you in times of anger, and can be comforting when you’re in emotional distress. Patchouli is one of the better known essential oils and it’s also a natural sedative, making it a night time favourite. Rosemary essential oil is traditionally known to strengthen memory and concentration. Lime helps increase clarity and focus, complimenting the rosemary benefits. Lastly, cypress is a stimulant, it will have you feeling happy and at ease.

Autumn is uplifting with sweet orange, adds warmth with cinnamon and ginger, and spices it up with black pepper and clove bud. Cinnamon and ginger essential oils invigorate the senses and help fight fatigue and even exhaustion. Black pepper aids in letting go of tightness or nervous feelings while sweet orange sweetens the mood. Clove bud is the most intriguing addition here, as it has been shown to help with respiratory issues like coughs and even asthma, making it the perfect addition for the season it’s named after, when the air starts getting dry.

With Winter, we wanted to reel in that holiday spirit with notes of cinnamon and tangerine. The cedarwood is calming and can even lower blood pressure (to help with that holiday shopping stress!?!). With notes of wood and smoke, vetiver will not only help create that cozy winter atmosphere, but it actually helps with reducing nervousness, joint pain and can help with insomnia as well.

Spring is uplifting and full of new beginnings, to reflect the season. Lemon, tangerine, may chang, ylang ylang cedarwood and geranium make for a distinctive experience. The citrus scents like may chang and tangerine are naturally uplifting and clarifying, while ylang ylang and cedarwood calm the senses.


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