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A Guide For Choosing Your Next Diffuser

Stay bold and smelling amazing year-round with a Seasons diffuser. 

A Season’s diffuser is not just a diffuser, it’s an experience that will uplift your lifestyle. Firstly, the functions are exceptional. The battery life is unmatched, and when it does eventually run out we offer a visually pleasing and hassle-free wireless charging dock. With rounded edges and a pearled ivory finish, this dock will charge your diffuser without disrupting the space. Let’s not forget about our favourite part - the portability. 

At Seasons we believe that scent is an extension of your personal style. Of course, wherever you call home should smell expressive and welcoming. We believe that you should be able to carry that scent - and that feeling - with you to every environment you enter. So, we designed our diffusers to be portable. You can attach one of our premium vegan leather straps and take the atmosphere with you. With two lengths and three neutral colours, our straps were mindfully crafted to complement any ensemble.

If something is going to live in your space or as a part of your outfit, it has to be modern, fashionable and exquisite. That’s why we’ve built not only a functional diffuser, but a fashion-forward one. A bold design, with pleasing round features and simple enough to be timeless- our diffusers set a new standard. 

Plainly put, our products are made expertly to embody durable use and emit beautiful design. So what’s the difference between the Soni SM and the Aero SM? The visible difference is the shape and colour of the diffuser. But the real difference lies inside - it’s the technology by which they diffuse. Let's talk vibrations.

The Soni SM is our more traditional diffuser (not that we do anything traditionally around here). It uses ultrasonic technology which means there is a small plate inside the diffuser that vibrates at a level which creates tiny particles of water mixed with the essential oil and mists it into the air like a water vapour. Water is needed with this type of technology in order for the plate to create ultrasonic waves. 

The Aero SM however, is minimal, and more advanced. It uses nebulizing technology which means - drumroll please - it’s WATERLESS. 

The Aero SM is for the busy lifestyle, the minimalist and those who crave efficiency. No measuring drops, no filling water, just place your chosen Seasons essential oil bottle right into the Aero SM and turn it on. Done. 

If you are particularly loving the portability function of our diffusers, we recommend the Aero SM. Not only is it slim, creating a lovely effect with the long strap, but it requires no water so no refilling anywhere and no moisture emitting while you’re on-the-move. The Aero SM is a game changer.


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