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Achieve your goals and smell alluring

Achieve your goals and smell alluring


Ah, December. The end of the year, the end of a cycle, the curtain falls. It’s the time we say farewell to our past and look to the future. What will 2022 hold for you? We all have ideas and set goals, whether or not you call them resolutions. It’s important to look ahead and imagine what you want your life to look like in the next year. Set some intentions and work towards an objective.

But staying on track can be hard. The first two weeks of January always feel like the honey-moon phase of a young relationship, or starring in your own movie. It quickly fades, motivation slips and sometimes we plateau. It’s okay it happens to us all.

Really, all of us. Researchers even named the second Saturday in February “fall off the wagon day” because that's when so many people who signed up for gyms in January stop going.

So what can we do, how can we stay on the wagon, stay motivated in reaching our new goals. Well, three of the most important things for staying on track are how you start your day, how you end your day, and having a routine. Yes, it sounds like the metal bars of structure and stability are closing in, but we promise, it’s not as strict as it sounds. You can actually schedule chaos if you want to.

Start with something easy. The beginnings and ends of your day. Ideally these should be screen-less, easy and all about YOU. In the mornings, we like to spend the first hour not looking at our phones. We turn our Seasons diffuser on, stretch, skincare, maybe some journal reflection on the intentions for the day. 

Then comes the big fat middle chunk of daily chaos. Then comes night. The world gets darker and we put our screens away (alarm set and phone in charger of course). Set our Seasons diffuser to run oh-so quietly in the background of our wind down. Make some tea, read (remember reading!), maybe do a face mask or use a gua sha. Then all zen and relaxed, we plop into bed like a baby, riding the enchanting scent off to dreamland.

Having this time at the beginning and end of your day to self-connect and re-align with your goals allows for a more focused approach to whatever tasks your day holds, and more productive results. Try it out! We’d love to hear how you incorporate Seasons into your daily routines, leave us a review at



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