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Move Your Body, Every, Every Body

Working out in the winter months is dreaded by many – we get it. The combination of frigid temperatures, forced at-home workouts and the fact that you likely won’t be rocking a swimsuit for months often leads to the conclusion that the workouts can wait. Yet, physical activity has countless benefits when it comes to well-being, from better sleep and improved moods to less overall anxiety from day to day.

This month, we challenge you to get up and move your body by practicing yoga. Find an open space in your house, dim your lights and set up the Aero SM Portable Nebulizing Diffuser. The Aero SM’s ultra quiet and waterless capabilities will silently fill your space with a strong burst of fragrance, maximizing the benefits of the essential oils.

Take 30 minutes out of your day and work through a few yoga flows, easily accessible on YouTube. We recommend filling your space with the Seasons’ Spring Essential Oil, as its citrusy notes will uplift while ylang ylang and cedarwood help to ground the body and soothe the mind.


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