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Curing the Winter Blues with Seasons

We’ve hit that dreadful time of year; the holidays are behind us, with seemingly little to look forward to ahead, aside from Valentine’s Day (a nightmare for the single and lonely) and the promise of warmer days far, (FAR) ahead. Particularly for those of us living through sub-zero temperatures and limited sunlight, it’s safe to say we could use some cheering up.

At Seasons, we are big believers in self care – we believe that what goes in your home is an extension of your personal style and beliefs. The use of essential oils has been proven to relieve symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety. By bringing Seasons products into your home, you are making a commitment towards your own well-being. We’ve come together to narrow down our top three products for curing the winter blues.

Join us in starting off 2022 on the right “note” (SORRY, couldn't help ourselves). You're already bleh, so skip the water step with our waterless Aero SM diffuser. Need something warm and cozy? May we suggest our Winter Essential Oil.


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