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Mini Aroma

$35.00 USD

Diffuse on the go with our sleek, high-performance Mini Aroma Diffuser.

Spritz the midday slump away with this reviving mini diffuser. It’s the ideal pick-me-up to keep in your bag and use whenever you want a little boost in your life.

Simply fill the chamber with your favorite facial mist and go!

Moisturize and refresh your skin: Over 160KHz of Ultrasonic technology creates 9 Million Vibrations per minute enabling the water to be finely misted. It safely, and without toxins, humidifies the air with a finely atomized mist, designed to moisturize your skin.

Balance the skin: With such fine particles, your favorite facial toner can penetrate into the skin and help refresh

Calming skin: Calm the skin after a face mask or exposure to the sun.  Turn on the product for a few minutes and skin will calm down and recover

Easy to use: Simply slide open the Mini Aroma for a perfect pick-me-up

High capacity water: 7.5mL liquid capacity and runs for 1 hour on a full charge 

*Before using on your skin, we recommend doing a patch test with any facial mist you're applying. Not recommended to use with 100% pure essential oils as they can cause skin irritation, redness, and sensitivity.

*Colors may vary slightly based on the device being used to view this product page