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Explore The Benefits Of Roll-On Eau De Parfum

Explore The Benefits Of Roll-On Eau De Parfum

Roll-on eau de parfum from Seasons is crafted by some of the best perfumers in Europe. The scents of our roll-on eau de parfum are designed to give you a sensory experience unlike any wearable fragrance on the market. The roll-on fragrance delivery method has been around for a while and has many surprising benefits over spray-on formulas, and the difference between perfume and eau de parfum itself may also convince you to give our exciting Seasons collection a try.

The Difference Between Perfume And Eau De Parfum

Spray-on perfumes enjoy the lion’s share of visibility in the marketplace, and you have undoubtedly seen dozens of commercials on television and hundreds if not thousands of bottles of spritz-style perfume on department store display shelves throughout your lifetime. Eau de parfum, while less advertised, has similarly been around for centuries and requires the same skill and art to invoke memorable scents that make it a joy to wear or be around. The difference between perfume and eau de parfum lies mainly in fragrance concentration.

Perfumes have a fragrance oil concentration of between 15% to 40%, with 20% being standard for most brand names. These oils are often diluted with a solvent - ethanol or both ethanol and water - and are mixed with alcohol to act as an odour diffuser. Eau de parfum uses a smaller concentration of oils, typically around 10% to 20%. The difference between perfume and eau de parfum concentrations means that scents will linger longer with perfume, though you can expect them to last for five hours or more with eau de parfum. Emitting a less overpowering odour could be a benefit for you in certain situations, but there are other things - especially with roll-on eau de parfum - that you might appreciate even more.

Benefits Of Roll-On Eau De Parfum 

Before getting into the benefits of roll-on eau de parfum specifically, it’s important to note that eau de parfum in any form is generally more affordable than perfume. This is because of the difference between perfume and eau de parfum fragrance concentrations - the higher the concentration, the higher the cost. But eau de parfum still lasts a long time, so you are basically getting the same amazing scents made from top perfumers in the industry. This is especially true for our Seasons roll-on eau de parfum.

Roll-on eau de parfum contains less alcohol than perfume, making it much more tolerable to people with sensitive skin. Roll-on eau de parfum is also much more travel-friendly, able to be safely transported without leaks or spills. And, when you need a quick touch-up when out and about, re-applying roll-on eau de parfum doesn’t have that overpowering initial scent that turns off people around you.

If you want a luxurious perfume that’s convenient and won’t break the bank like many spray-on products, try one of our luscious roll-on eau de parfum scents at Seasons.



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