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The Secret Benefits Of Using Oil Diffusers

The Secret Benefits Of Using Oil Diffusers

Real estate agents scent a house they are showing with coffee to evoke a feeling of “home” to clients; casinos and department stores use floral fragrances to keep guests lingering; physical trainers spray lemon or peppermint odours in the gym to induce higher performance and less recovery time in athletes. There is a deep and mysterious world behind the science and industry of “behavioural fragrances”, and oil diffusers are a way for you to harness that power at home. You have undoubtedly heard of how people gain stress relief from essential oils, but there are so many more benefits to gain from them that you’re probably unaware of. We’ll share some of those secrets with you to get the most out of your diffusers from Seasons.

Oil Diffusers Can Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

It’s harder nowadays to fall asleep as soon as you get into bed thanks to cell phones and all of our other distracting devices. Portable diffusers from Seasons work as humidifiers on one hand - putting moisture in the air to make the room more cool and pleasant - but Seasons Winter Essential Oil has an added trick up its sleeve to lull you into the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. All of our essential oils are handmade by some of Europe’s top perfumers, and Winter is formulated with scents that those in the know have long used as a nighttime aid: cedarwood to ease tension, tangerine and vetiver to relieve stress, and cinnamon to evoke feelings of warmth and relaxation in the mind.

Add A Few Drops Of Liquid Pick-Me-Up In Your Diffusers

Even after a good night’s sleep, you could be one of the millions who experience a bit of drag come mid-day. A secret tip for how to truly get the most out of your diffusers is by adding some essential oils that give you a boost to both the body and mind. Seasons Summer Essential Oil is the right concoction for the job. The palmarosa extract is a proven cell stimulator, while patchouli is one of the most powerful ingredients for stress relief from essential oils you can find. Our Summer Oil also contains rosemary for mental clarity, along with a blend of lime and cypress that works together to relieve aches and pains.

Oil Diffusers Can Help Manifest Your Desires From The Inside Out

Seasons is a company that was built from a dream, so we’re big believers in manifestation and the law of attraction. Fragrances are the language of the subconscious mind, and you can tap into that part of the brain that will drive you fully towards your goals! Try Seasons Autumn Essential Oil made of sweet orange, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, and clove. Orange in particular is known as the oil of abundance, while ginger helps in manifesting money and success. 
There are infinite possibilities for fragrances to act on the body and mind - stress relief from essential oils is only scratching the surface! Pair our beautiful diffusers with any of our oils and find out for yourself the difference they can make at


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