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Spring Cleaning Time – Yes, That Includes Your Diffuser

Springtime; celebrated for the arrival of longer days, warmer temperatures, blooming flowers and the promise of summer on the horizon. Springtime; a dreadful sign that the annual “spring cleaning” must begin. 

While it may seem as if warmer months are far, FAR away, the groundhog did in fact see his shadow, meaning that it is soon time to shed the dirt and clutter that Winter has brought upon us all – and yes, this includes cleaning out your Seasons diffuser. You didn’t even know that diffusers required cleaning? Don’t worry, this is a judgement free zone. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty, allow us to provide a get out of jail free card for those looking for a diffuser experience with zero-maintenance required. Our personal favourite, the Seasons Aero SM doesn’t require any cleaning, due to its waterless capabilities. 

For all you Soni SM lovers sticking around, not to worry  – cleaning your diffuser is easier than it seems. Without regular cleaning, diffusers are susceptible to a build-up of oil, leading to a less than subpar diffusion experience, as this build-up can affect the scent and efficacy of your essential oils. Of course, we want you to enjoy your Seasons diffuser at its maximum capabilities – we want the uplifting and balanced citrusy, floral notes of Seasons Spring Essential Oil to drift freely throughout the April air, without grime and residue blocking its path. 

To ensure that your Soni SM is giving you ALL the good smells, grab a Q-tip after each use and wipe down any excess oil or water left in the diffuser.  For a deeper clean, run a few drops of vinegar through your diffuser once a month (we apologise in advance for the smell, but we promise it's worth it). See, that wasn’t too hard right? 

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to keep your Seasons diffusers looking (and smelling) their best!


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