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Notes from Tamia Johnson

Notes is a series that features creative movers and shakers, handpicked by the Seasons team. 

Meet Tamia Johnson

An artist and full time content creator based in sunny Los Angeles. Her incredible personal style mirrors her personality: soft, strong and vibrant. Read her responses to our rapid-fire questions below.


Artist Tamia Johnson with her oil paintings

What are your passions?

For work, I’m a full time content creator! I love taking photos, oil painting, thrifting, and spending days in nature.


What inspires you lately?

I’ve been really inspired by the creative work of my past self lately.  

Tamia Johnson's early work.


What song do you have on repeat?

Nu Path by Ivan Ave


What is your favorite season?

Spring or summer, because I love warmth and watching all the plants in bloom. Life feels so much more vibrant during these seasons.

What’s next for you?

I really want to expand as an oil painter, so that’s my next move!

Tamia Johnson's Seasons Aero SM diffuser

Follow Tamia's work on her Instagram account @tamiablue

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