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Elevate Your Spring Style With Seasons Eau de Parfum

Coco Chanel once said that “a woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”. While we won’t go as far as agreeing with Coco, we are strong believers that scent has transformative abilities. Scent has the power to elevate, uplift and inspire. Our sleek Seasons diffusers are known to elevate spaces, while our bold Seasons essential oils are known to uplift one’s sense and inspire creativity.

However, the Seasons Eau de Parfum Roll On is our best kept secret to elevate one’s style. Wondering what pieces to wear this spring? Pro tip: match your style to your perfume, to create a cohesive, elevated look that screams “I have my life together” (even if you don’t, we won’t tell). 

The Spring Roll On is reminiscent of the youthfulness of Spring. With uplifting blackcurrant and notes of soothing musk and vanilla, alongside an icy eucalyptus mint mid-note to refresh and rejuvenate, this roll on perfume is fresh and playful. Translating this fresh and playful scent into elevated looks for spring is as easy as A, B, C!

1. Accessories, Never Too Many: From stacked rings and tiny hoop earrings to vintage shoulder bags, silk scarves and headbands, the options for spring accessories are endless. However, our personal favourite accessory, the Seasons Shoulder Strap, (fine, maybe we’re biased) takes elevating your scent to a whole new level. Paired with a Seasons diffuser, the shoulder strap allows you to express yourself by bringing your scent wherever you go. Why wear a purse when you can wear a diffuser instead?

2. Big, Baggy Sweatsuits (trust us): Who says sweatsuits can’t be elevated? The monochromatic look is SO in this spring, and perfect for those never-ending April showers (we prefer the May flowers personally) . Channel the soothing notes of musk and vanilla by throwing on a grey sweatsuit with some cool, understated sneakers for a cute and cozy look. 

3. Colour is Cool Again: Take notes (literally) from the uplifting scent of blackcurrant to play with colour this spring. Neutrals are out, brights are in. Channel the lively, youthfulness that Spring has to offer; play around with citrusy orange tones, pastel greens, baby pinks and ocean blues in your wardrobe.


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