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Hit the Sheets

Finally, everyone’s favourite time of day has arrived – bed time, the time to tuck back into those cozy sheets that were so hard to leave in the first place. As you lay down your head and wind down for the evening, fill your Seasons Diffuser with Seasons Winter Essential Oil. There is nothing better than falling asleep to the quiet lull of Seasons Soni SM, whilst the soothing scents of vetiver, cedarwood, tangerine and cinnamon fill the room. Cedarwood is proven to ease tension and clear the mind as you nod off to sleep. Tangerine and vetiver relieve stress and promote better sleep, while cinnamon evokes feelings of warmth and relaxes one’s mind. 

We challenge you to set aside one day this month to explore the benefits of aromatherapy from morning to night – we are positive that you’ll never look back. Luckily, Seasons offers all you need to explore the benefits of aromatherapy, all available for purchase at


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