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Grind Time

We’ve all been there – the 12 PM midday “slump” starts to hit, the original excitement of working from home has entirely worn off, and your brain feels foggy at best. Take a pause, locate your nearest Seasons Diffuser, and fill it with Seasons Summer Essential Oils – because we could all use some sunshine right about now.

Metaphorically, a lunch-break-beach-escape brought to you by Seasons sounds nice enough on its own. Yet, in considering aromatherapy practices, Seasons Summer Essential Oil combines palmarosa, patchouli and a boost of rosemary, lime and cypress to create the perfect pick me up. Palmarosa is proven to stimulate your cells, while patchouli soothes anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Rosemary relieves fatigue and encourages clarity and insight – perfect for the midday creativity block. Lime and cypress work in combination to relieve aches and pains (if your back isn’t sore by this point in the day, you’re lying).

Aromatherapy, using Seasons products, is the perfect solution to revive your senses and power through your afternoon.


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