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Aromatherapy from Day to Night: Rise and Shine

While Aromatherapy – the use of aromatic essential oils to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit – is seen as bogus by many, we’re here to prove that this method of healing does in fact have countless benefits and healing properties. From promoting restful sleep to reviving and rejuvenating one’s senses, the unique properties of various essential oils have the potential to elevate each hour of your day – from morning to night. 

Follow along with us on the blog in the coming weeks, as we guide you through an aromatherapy journey, highlighting three key uses of Seasons Essential Oils from sunrise to sunset.

Every good morning starts with a cup of coffee – and with Seasons Autumn Essential Oil. Getting out of bed in the morning, especially mid-winter, is a dreadful task. We’d rather stay warm and cozy under the covers all day too – trust us. Yet, with the help of a Seasons Diffuser placed by your bedside (we suggest the Aero SM for its long-lasting, strong-scented capabilities), and a few drops of the right essential oils, mornings don’t need to be so bad after all.

Seasons Autumn Essential Oil is the perfect aromatherapy tool for early in the AM, due to its mixture of orange, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and clove essential oils. Orange oil is proven to lift your mood and reduce stress, squashing those early morning anxieties to the ground immediately. Ginger is stimulating and warming, while clove, cinnamon and black pepper aid in circulation and digestion, starting your day off stronger than ever.

Once you start waking up with Seasons, we promise you'll never look back.


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