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Gift Guide: For the Fashion Lover

When it comes time to buy a gift for your most fashion-forward friend, it can be kind of... intimidating? This person always shows up dressed to the damn nines and takes fashion risks and makes them look effortless. 

Here are three unexpected items that are sure to make the top of their (discerning!) holiday list!

Aero SM

A waterless, portable diffuser that doesn't need heat or water to work. No brainer!!! Plus, you could purchase an extra long strap and watch how your fashionista friend pairs it with any outfit in their closet. 

Spring Essential Oil

This friend is like a breath of fresh air (don't @ us for being corny!!), so why not include Spring; our citrusy, floral and fresh essential oil blend.

Roll-On Eau de Parfum 

Matching outfits to a Seasons aroma? Chic. Always. It's also so easy to throw in a bag so it's perfect for the stylish friend in your life who's busy on-the-go. What's that saying again? The person without perfume is a person without a future? K dramatic. But we would be inclined to agree... ! 


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