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Gift Guide: For the Wellness Guru

She drinks matcha first thing in the morning, loves a good morning flow, practices mindfulness and definitely drinks enough water in a day (honestly.. what is that like lol?!?) - the wellness guru. We all know one! But what to buy this discerning person? 

Soni SM

Not only is it absolutely beautiful (seriously, there's nothing else like it on the market!!), it has multiple health benefits:

  • It gently humidifies the air: during the cold winter months, it's natural that our skin feels drier than usual. We usually are cranking up the heating inside and the cold gets frigid outside. So our skin? A little out of whack. Sleeping next to a diffuser like the Soni can help rebalance the moisture in the air
  • Aromatherapy: Essential oils that are diffused into the air can have multiple aromatherapy benefits. More on that here
  • Portable: she likely lives a life on-the-go. Gift her the diffuser that can actually keep up with her life

Winter Essential Oil Blend

Ok, so we don't have favorites when it comes to our Essential Oil Blends, but Winter is woody, spicy and fresh. It's like a walk through a wintry forest. Sharp and sweet pine is the initial pulse, but it's the cinnamon and cardamom that add a festive touch; the vetiver that makes you want to stay. 


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