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Make Memories with Seasons

Nostalgic. Reminiscent. Beautiful. Moments etched into our brains for a reason — they mean something to us. One way to make these moments more special? Attach them to a timeless scent. Our personal favourite? Seasons eau de parfums. 

Here’s why…

When a memory goes hand-in-hand with a scent, it can be hard to detach the two. Ever smelt a scent that literally teleported you? Us too, we love it. It’s magical recalling the special moments we’d live over if we could.

When you wear Seasons, know that our scents are handcrafted by leading French perfumers — stopping our most discerning customers in their tracks. 


If you wear our fresh and musky Spring eau de parfum, your memories might entail wide-eyed, youthfulness — the days you unapologetically expressed your inner child.

If you opt for our sweet, musky, and citrusy Summer eau de parfum, expect to look back on times you loved fiercely. Light and airy; Summer is akin to love. When it arrives, you just know.

If you’re remembering days in our Autumn eau de parfum, prepare for warmth and spice. Recall feeling the excitement of going home; an uncanny combination of exhilaration and familiarity.

And last, but never least, the days you repped our Winter eau de parfum; where seduction and sweetness met warmth and wood. You’ll remember the chilliest days where your body was kept warm by a wood burning fireplace and hot beverage.

On the days where you can’t bring your diffuser, or essential oils, bring your Seasons eau de parfum. Experience your life to its fullest capacity, then cherish your dearest memories, with Seasons, forever. 


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