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The Car Accessories You Need

There’s something about a Spring drive that brings out the best energy. After a long, gloomy winter, not much competes with opening the sunroof, throwing on some stylish shades, and blasting that good vibes playlist. But we believe there’s one thing that makes a drive even better. And that’s loving your car. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to upgrade to the newest model (but hey, if you want to…). At Seasons, we believe it’s important to extend your personal beliefs into your environments. You’ve got your diffuser emitting much needed vibrancy in your house! Why exclude your car? From work commutes, to road trips, to grocery shopping — let’s face it, we spend a lot of time on the road. Let’s talk about the car accessories needed to elevate your space.

Seasons Crystal Car Clip

Okay, we know, it’s hard for your car to compete with your home. Your house has your portable diffuser welcomed in every room it enters. Constantly boosting your body and mind with the best essential oils. The comfort of your bed is steps away. Your car? It lacks this same energy. And we don’t think the tree-shaped air freshener is helping. We mean, really, has anyone considered women when making those? At Seasons, we’re changing how you experience your car. Meet the Crystal Car Clip. A sleek design offered in four colours: Jade, Citrine, Emerald, and Amethyst. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, clip it onto your vent, and hit the road. Create the perfect atmosphere and have total control over your car’s scent. The Crystal Car Clip will bring sophistication to every drive!

Adjustable Cup Holder

The only time our larger-than-life water bottles cause us stress is when they’re rolling around on the car floor. Otherwise, hydration, clear skin, and a healthy body and mind? Fill us up another glass! Adjustable cup holders fit into your regular cup holders and create more space for those unconventional bottles. Save the trip to the gas station and avoid feeling sad about having to purchase a plastic water bottle. Make space for your personal bottle!

LED Visor Mirror

This mirror goes right on top of your regular visor mirror. They’re larger and have built in LED lights to ensure optimal lighting for a makeup touch-up at dusk. With over 60 different colour settings, this accessory offers a cute vanity station right in the comfort of your driver's seat.


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