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For the Travellers

This post is for the jet-setters. Those born bitten by the travel bug. The ones who live to leave. Because we are right there with you! Is there anything better than a getaway? Seriously, let us know if you find out. But as glamorous as we know travelling is, we’re well-aware it comes with its stressors. Planning a trip takes some serious research and organization skills. Because let’s be real, when you’re visiting the Amalfi Coast, you want to do it right! Imagine not knowing to try their famous limoncello? 


OK so you’ve booked your tickets, accommodations, and planned some iconic outfits. It’s time to organize. Spreadsheets? Folders? You’re speaking our language! But no matter how gorgeous colour coded data looks, it just can’t prepare you for every curveball. Like a delayed flight… ugh. Don’t panic! Seasons is here to help alleviate your unexpected travel stress! 

Invite your Summer Eau De Parfum Roll-On on your next trip! Small, portable, and made with many of the same high quality ingredients used in our essential oils, nothing else competes.

As important as what goes in your diffuser, is what goes on your skin. Our oils are made from 100% pure and natural essential oils. You’ll never feel bad about smelling good. Light, airy and activated by your natural body warmth. A citrusy fruit root with vanilla and amber — this scent combats any travel chaos thrown your way. Simply add a few drops to your body, and instantly unwind! Our favourite application spots are our wrists, neck, and temples. When strangers ask what you’re wearing, you can tell them Seasons… the scent of summer.


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