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Winter Essential Oil and Aero SM Were Made for Each Other

The Winter season in many ways is quite… drab, bleak, dull. Not with Seasons. We like to counter these lackluster aspects with bold statements and enchanting aromas. 

That’s why we love the Aero SM for the season, paired flawlessly with the Winter essential oil. The Aero SM uses a nebulizing technology, which means it’s waterless! This innovative technology not only makes the Aero SM convenient for being on-the-go, but it means the aroma it produces will pack a punch, with no water to dilute the lush body of this oil. 

Get woody, smoky and a little spicy with the Winter Essential Oil. Notes of cedarwood and vetiver can take their rightful place at center stage, supported by uplifting tangerine and cinnamon. 

Pairing the Winter essential oil and the Aero SM is the perfect way to bring a spark to the otherwise cold season. Get diffusing today with the Aero SM and the Winter Essential Oil.

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