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Rejoice in Color!

Toss your black, nude and whites aside because it’s time for vibrant, mood-boosting colors! 

So let’s talk about how you’ll welcome color into your life.

Bold Suits

No matter who you are, a suit has the power to make you feel like a force of nature — don’t ask us why, just try. We’re kicking it up a notch with bright-coloured, monochromatic suits! Fuchsia, cobalt blue, soft lilac; color choice is all yours. Whether you wear pants or opt for a skirt, a suit is always a power move. Make the most out of yours with a color that excites you!

Playful Scents

Fragrance is an integral part of fashion, and just as apparel trends change by season, so do aromas! But don’t bother looking for the “best women’s perfume for Fall/Winter” because we’ve got you covered! The answer is Seasons Autumn eau de parfumWarm and spicy, this roll-on eau de parfum evokes the soulful beauty of the season. The sensual notes of patchouli and amber dance with sunny citrus and romantic white flowers. 


We’ve been so conditioned to accept that “less is more,” but we're kind of feeling like more is more lately (correct us if we're wrong?) Stripes, zebra patterns, abstract shapes — prints have found their way back into our shopping carts! Even more exciting is that these prints are often multicolored. It seems the more boundaries pushed, the better. Orange and pink? Blue and purple? Yellow and green? Yes. To all of the above. 


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