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The Road Trip You’ve Been Craving

This one's for our Aussie babes! Spring's in the air and you know what that means; it’s road trip time.

And for Seasons, that means ensuring you’re driving in style! No matter where you’re going, there’s one accessory that always elevates your adventure: Seasons Crystal Car Clip. Okay, a vibey playlist helps too but that’s a given, no?! Let’s talk about why we’re so obsessed with this car clip.

For so long we felt like our cars just weren’t us. You know when you walk into someone’s home and you’re hit with a wave of their energy? Whether it’s a gorgeous scent coming from their Seasons diffuser, or a piece of art on the wall, houses just have their own auras! But when it comes to cars, they lack that same liveliness. This is why we changed the vehicle game forever.

Our Crystal Car Clip is the car freshener meant for your favorite essential oils! Just open the crystal car clip, add 2-3 drops of the oil, close the crystal and clip it to your air vent! Which oil? Well that choice is all yours, but it is summer so… how about our Summer Essential Oil

We spend an ample amount of time in our cars. Whether we’re commuting, running errands, we believe it’s important to love the space you’re in.

So... Fill your tank. Fill your car clip. And in turn, fill yourself with positive energy. The road trip you’ve been craving won’t be the same without the Seasons Crystal Car Clip!


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