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Discover Autumn in a Bottle with SEASONS Essential Oils

Imagine capturing the heart of autumn in a bottle. That's exactly what we've achieved with our Autumn Essential Oil Blend at SEASONS.

Crafted to mirror the sensation of curling up by a fireplace, feeling the warmth of a tea cup against your palms, and listening to the gentle rhythm of raindrops outside, our blend is the epitome of the fall season.

Dive deep into an olfactory journey with top notes of sweet orange, ginger, and cinnamon, beautifully anchored by the herbal scents of rosemary and the spicy depth of clove.

Our commitment to purity ensures this blend is free from synthetic additives and is 100% vegan. Revel in the luxury of nature’s best this fall; should you want to wear the scent, it also is available in a Roll-On Eau de Parfum


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