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Spice Up Your WFH Space

How to Decorate Your Home Office Space

Work from home, in other words, “WFH.” We know her. We love her. She changed the game for our generation! She gives us more time for beauty-rest. She prevents bumper-to-bumper traffic and commute costs. And she increases flexibility while boosting productivity! But our fav perk of WFH? Being able to work anywhere! Let’s talk about how to curate an environment that reflects your personal style!

Diffuser 🤝 Home Office

If we could give only one tip: have a diffuser in your home office. Bad sleep last night? Citrusy essential oils will wake you! Feeling uninspired after a long week? Try a scent with ylang-ylang to brighten your mood! Wait, what if I’m tired and uninspired? We’ve got you covered. Our Spring essential oil is both citrus based and contains ylang-ylang among other amazing ingredients — check it out! Now back to your office. On top of essential oils combating stressors, diffusers themselves can also add the perfect touch of decor. The trick? Finding one that’s actually aesthetically pleasing. This can be hard sometimes, especially when there’s tech involved. But that's why there’s Seasons Soni SM diffuser. Timeless and eye-catching, our cordless diffuser never goes out of style!

Area Rugs

An area rug is the perfect way to add character to your space! It’s no secret we’re all into white and cream coloured furniture — clean is the moment! However, we don’t want our spaces to be lifeless. Adding a multicolored, persian-style rug is the perfect way to add some spice. The colours? That’s up to you so express yourself and have fun!

Large-Scale Wall Art

OK we’re huge fans of any art in the home. And as we talked about before, all white spaces can become dull! A large piece of art on your wall is the best way to showcase your personal taste! You’ll also never have to tell your colleagues about your passion for all things style. Your art speaks for itself via video conference calls!


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