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Notes From Angel Zheng

Notes is a series that features creative movers and shakers, handpicked by the Seasons team. 


Meet Angel Zheng.

A content creator, marketing director and one of the co-founders behind Enkel Studios. Work is play for this multi-hyphenate; everything she touches has her signature minimalist-yet-edgy flare. Read her responses to our rapid-fire questions below.



What are your passions?

Currently I work as a Marketing Director at a tech startup in Vancouver. I am also a content creator part-time, and a co-founder of Enkel Studios, a workspace and lifestyle brand!

I’d say my passions definitely live in the creative space. In the past couple of years, the driving force behind my work AND play has been growth, learning, and creativity. I’m constantly trying to find new ways to fuel myself creatively and share my growth process with my community!



The minimalistic beauty of Angel's lifestyle brand


What inspires you lately?

My peers, wellness, and books have been my biggest inspirations as of late! Reading is definitely my favourite past time, whether that’s getting lost in a great novel or diving into a good career or self-help book. I’ve also definitely been on a wellness-kick lately (and I’m hoping it’s going to stick!)


What song do you have on repeat?

I have been listening to Brividi by Mahmood and Blanco NONSTOP. Like no kidding... it’s definitely going to be my top song in my 2022 Spotify Wrapped.


What's your favorite season?

SUMMER. There’s no doubt about it. I’m such a hot weather and sunshine kind of girl. Although I can’t deny that spring/fall fashion is still #1 in my heart, I’d choose eternal summer still in a heartbeat.


Angel's bedside table featuring the Limited Edition Matcha Green Aero SM


What's next for you?

Definitely looking forward to pushing myself both in my personal life and in my career in the next couple of years! So excited to be on this journey of building and growing Enkel Studios but also continuing to create and share with my social community.


You can find Angel on Instagram @speakoftheangel, Tiktok @angelzzheng and Youtube. You can find her brand on



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