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Notes from Sasha Mei

Notes is a series that features creative movers and shakers, handpicked by the Seasons team. 


Meet Sasha Mei.

A content creator, writer and model with a flare for style and a megawatt smile. Read her responses to our rapid-fire questions below.



What are your passions?

I am a creative and internet human, passionate about the joy of movement and pursuit of beauty

What inspires you lately?

Lately I'm feeling Mediterranean inspired colors; citrus tones. They just put me in a brighter mood. When I surround myself with these colors, they energize me and help fuel my work.



What song do you have on repeat?

Headrush by Georgia Harmer

What's your favorite season?

Definitely summer. I have the Summer Essential Oil in my diffuser now! I was born in August, I'm such a Leo. Warm weather is where I thrive!


What's next for you?

Hopefully lots of travelling!



You can find Sasha on Instagram @sasha.mei and some of her work on

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